Hey everyone, this post is LONG overdue. VERY SURPRISED SHE HASNT MADE IT ON YET!!! This is Robin Katz. And I’m sure you ALLLLL know her. Some may know her from Facebook comments (yup she’s a troll always beefin from under her bridge) or you may know her from when she faked her death, HAHA if only that one had been true 😉 This girl is nothing but an attention seeking lunatic!!! She is madly in love (more like obsessed) with her ex Christian Waskahat who she claims is abusive every other day (yup she cries wolf) This weirdo also claims to know every single young guy that passes! Talks about how much she loved them when everyone knows full well they didn’t even so much as talk. She acts so scary just because she’s a bigger girl but all she is, is TALK. I could go on and on about this whack job, who has a new boyfriend every other week since Christian FINALLY GOT RID OF HER! Let’s hope it’s for good. But I’m sure you all know the rest 😉 Put this b!tch on blast. She belongs in the trash, but the dirty will do.