This little whore decided to go after my Fiance. Let me start from the begining. Back in April my now ex fiance was a car salesman. This little tramp happened to go to his car lot to buy a car. My ex and I were living together we have 2 kids and we had been together since highschool and he started to act weird the week before easter. It was sudden because we were completely fine the week before. He then tells me some crap lie about him going to stay at his friends house and hang out with him. Didn’t feel right so I got in contact with one of his friends that he hung out with all the time. Got sent a picture of him and her together. The little whore decided that after only ONE WEEK of knowing my fiance that she would open her legs to him. And him being the absolute piece of shit he is.

He went for it. After his little fling he came back and like a bitch he cried and begged for me to take him back. Told me how much of a mistake she was and how he didn’t love her he was just using her swore up and down he never slept with her because she apparently had an STD. But I’m not that stupid. But it does say a lot about her if he felt the need to lie about sleeping with her. After a few weeks of doubt I decided to make it work for the sake of our kids and I loved him to no end. Well in September I caught them AGAIN. In the apartment we shared. The rage I felt was one you wouldn’t be able to understand. She has 4 kids of her own. And this type of shit has been done to her before and you would think she would have the decency to NOT become one of those home wrecking whores she’s dealt with but she HAS she is the POSTER CHILD for what is and what always will be a home wrecker. My ex moved across the country with no word. A few weeks later he was singing the same song. Begging for his family but I kicked his ass to the curb and he landed right next to this bitch because trash belongs with trash. But she continues to gloat about taking another woman’s man. It’s no wonder her mother hates her as well as the rest of her family. Not to mention the dudes she used to have on speed dial when she needed a quick bang when she was lonely. And the fact that my family wasn’t the only family she had a history of doing this crap too. So sad that my ex got added to the list of men shes got her poor confused kids identify as “daddy.” I was everything you could ask for in a wife and mother. But you can’t make a grown ass man realize what good he has in front of him, so I left his ass with that cunt and hope he never comes back.