Before my husband and I married he took a job, and in his training class was this female. They worked together talk and became acquaintances. Due to a communication error with the supervisor my husband was fired for taking off time for our wedding. He finds another job at a different company and low and behold four months later this female is hired at the exact store he works at. He asked if they could be friends, trusting my husband I said yes now I am going to say that my husband and I have had our issues to save money we have been living with my parents for two years, that being said I can continue. We were having issues and fighting and this female became his shoulder to cry on so to speak then she stared flirting, with “I liked someone at____name of previous job___ can you guess who” she fluffed his ego and the relationship grew to include sex about for times in the back of a roadside park at night in the dark in the back of her car and on the back of ours before he would go into work. He told her that if I didn’t move out the first of the year he was leaving me (never told me this) and she took that as he was leaving me and she began to push him to leave me. He then ended the relationship.

I then found out about the emotional part and ask that they not communicate anymore. Well that didn’t happen and a month later I found the emails they had been exchanging and thus the sexual part of the affair. When we confronted her about it she told us she was pregnant by another guy the guy she told my husband she would leave for him. I have it on good authority she is seeing multiple men at once, if the man in your life knows her please both of you get std and sti tested she’s passing something nasty