Turns out this, my ninfo “friend”, co-worker and baseball team mom to the baseball team our kids played in had been sleeping with my husband for nearly 4 years. She has no worth as a friend, woman or human being itself! Worth nothing!! A family is sacred!! I understand he owed me more respect than she did, BUT he did not rape her!! She allowed it to happen!! Crazy how I never found it or even suspected because I had her in an alter and she knows it. When everyone at work found out what she did to me, they thought I knew she was that way since we were almost always together. Word has it she had a track record on the job also. Had no clue!!! Never would have imagined this of her! People at work who have no reason to lie to me, confirmed that yes in fact she was known for whoring around in the building, was even seen being picked up from different trucks during her lunch break. Was seen at different restaurants with different men. Yet when I called her husband to let him know about what was going on, he was offended. Told me he trusted Rosa with everything that she would never do such a thing, that they read the bible together every night! Little did I know, he had forgiven her numerous times for the same reason. For fucking around and lying to her family. She’d confess to my husband how many times she cheated on him with and with who. Who does that?!! A whore!! Waited for her to come back to work, after 12 years with the company and a recent promotion, she never came back. She even withdrew her kids from Cambridge Private School and left her house in Dallas, to move to her little shit hole in Hillsboro. When I confronted her about it, she told me she’d never do such thing, for me to go to church, to read the bible and talk to the deacon. What a hypocrite! She had no shame, even though she was 10 years older than him and is a GRANDMA!! She even went as far as getting a phone for him! Lol Pendeja!! After I messaged, I would get no reply from either Andres (her husband) or the puta. Next day I called him to see what he thought or what was going on and he knew nothing. She was logging onto his fb account and reading them then deleting asap so he wouldn’t see. She knew she was fucked!! LMAO!!! Then she blocks me from his inbox and he has me email him the info instead so I did! And that’s when he finally believed me I guess. I don’t see why he wouldn’t have. His family wasn’t surprised lmao and little did I know she already had a track record at work. No pos que PUTA me salio mi amiguita del alma lol What a dumb ass!! Not the first family she splits, she also broke up a family on another baseball team, this was told to me by one of her friends! She should really get checked for STDs, with that no ending, loose cat she has.