I met this disgusting thing of a human being through a friend she and I were both newly weds she is also younger then me and it seemed that her and her husband looked up to my husband and me for guidance in there marriage being that they had married at a very young age. We would invite them over to family get togethers our kids where the same age and played well with each other we just seemed to get along. About a year or so later her and her husband split up not knowing what had happened I reached out to her and offered her my help I told her that if she and her son ever needed anything to let me know. Later on I come to find out that her husband had found out that she had slept with one of his friends during a party, I was shocked that she would do such thing since she acted as though she was madly in love with her husband, they worked things out and got back together and our friendship continued that is until 2012.

While on my computer I notice my husband had left his email open I started looking and I found an email he sent this whore where he gave her his number she didn’t reply and although I found it odd I didn’t think much of it but then in his saved emails he had two pictures that he had sent himself from his phone so I didn’t get to see a number but they were inappropriate tasteless pictures from the neck down I felt it in my gut that it was her. The bitch in this picture had a tattoo on her belly and so did the whore I confronted my husband and he denied it was her he said that it was a random girl he came across at work that it was flirtation and nothing more. I believed him because I never saw any other emails and he stopped working at that place. Our marriage after that was rough we always argued he would ignore me leave to go drinking and wouldn’t come home he was always on his phone and if I asked to see it he would pick a fight to avoid showing it to me. Many times I tried to fix things between me and my husband and prove that it was her that had been in the nasty raunchy ass pictures. I would ask her to show me her tat and she would tell me that it was ugly and didn’t want to show it she removed all pictures of it on social networks the same day I had confronted my husband about the pictures….fishy fishy that should have been a red flag but sometimes you choose to lie to yourself simply because you love that person so much you would hope it’s not true.

Last year in 2013 I left my husband hoping he would snap out of the BS he was pulling no sooner had I left him when I find out that she too decided to leave her husband she blocked me off of her Facebook and when I tried to contact her she wouldn’t answer. Four months went by my husband in the meantime had asked me several times to move back in and finally I gave in and started marriage counseling things went great until two months back I finally found pictures to prove that she was the slut sending the pics to my husband. I told him he could no longer deny it was her so he admitted that they had slept together that while he was supposed to be at work this dirty ass skank would agree to meet him at a hotel to fuck. He told me while we split up four she would go over to my home and fuck him there on a blow up mattress because I took all my furniture when I left…. This girl is of the lowest she’s a nasty raunchy ass slut and her breath smells like she’s been licking butt holes all day long which disgusted me thinking my husband would go near that. My husband told me that he stopped messing with her because he realized he had made a mistake and I’m sure his decision was helped by the fact that she told him that what they had wasn’t exclusive that she was seeing 5 other men at the same time including one that worked with her. She is now back with her husband and she’s pregnant my husband swears that it’s not his kid and that she probably doesn’t know who’s baby that is. She still hides her tattoos she will post pictures and then decorate her belly with emojis because I’m sure there are other wife’s out there wondering who those tattoos belong to. She’s a shameless backstabbing disgusting home wrecker who won’t think twice about ruining your marriage.