This woman Sabrina Lee Kidd/Meyer in my opinion is quite the piece of work. She pretended to be a friend for quite some time. Received free baby sitting, the whole sob story, you name it, and I felt bad for her and helped her out. Snake in the grass does not even cover what I would compare her to. Beware she only wants to “talk” to your man. When confronted by her husband for talking to another man, she said he was stalking her. In wich he proceded to post on FB about the said man stalking his wife. Let’s just say the phone records don’t lie, and it was evident this story was a lie. How long her husband will be in denial, idk. She now appears to be looking for that greener grass on the other side, but had me fooled for quite some time. Beware of her at all times. Your man, and family will be at risk if she befriends you. Even your families family! I learned from experience and I’m warning you, so you don’t have to watch any of this happen to your family, and loved ones.