First off, Sadie Jo Cramer cheated on her current bf with an old bf who is now married. She called the friends husband every night for a few days, while he was drunk off his ass, and in a bad place in his life. She called him for 6 hours every night (recording the messages), until she finally drove 7+ hours to get a hotel, spend the whole day with her friends husband, and then proceeds to sleep with him all night. Then she drops him off and after that he tells her he doesn’t love her, doesn’t want her, shouldn’t have slept with her, and loves his wife. He tells wife what happened, and she of course freaks the fuck out. Sadie then proceeds to send the recordings to the wife, lying to her current bf, showing him bullsh*t texts, and then sending those to the wife too. Wife says she doesn’t care, she needs to F off and leave her husband alone. Sadie then continues to text and call husband bitching him out, trying to start more shit. Then she gets pissed cause the wife’s friends posted her on a homewrecker me site, so she starts to defame the wife on there lying and making up bullshit to make her look even more stupid, and feel worse. She’s a stupid, lying, homewrecker. Don’t trust her psycho ass. She now proceeds to harrass her now ex trying to make him feel like shit for what she’s done. Her photography she’s so proud of is sh*t, her psychology class she’s in isn’t helping her with her own mental problems, she needs to realize she ain’t sh*t but a hoe.