This is Samantha Jade Romaine and Colin E. Stewart… Samantha works for Alberta Health Services and likes to get drunk on weekends and sleep with random losers from the club who cant get anyone else so they take her gross fat ugly a55 home at the end of the night and when she finds out these losers have a pregnant girlfriend she thinks it’s funny to message her that she’s pregnant too or she had an abortion just to be mean and cause drama for people she doesn’t even know! Colin likes to wear womans underwear and binge on cocaine on weekends and pick up random gross fat ugly girls like Samantha at the club and fuk them without a condom while his girlfriend sits at home unknowingly and then when she finds out she’s pregnant he skips out back to Hamilton Ontario to Mommy and Daddy like the super stellar guy he is and tells everyone she’s the crazy one! These two are disgusting and deserve whatever Karma chooses to bring them!!!