This man knew him and his finances Grayson Smith were trying to work our problems so that he and her could vetter them selfs as a family but most important for the 1 dad of the century. This man literally stayed home 24/7. Only ever went out to drive his so called he to bar but mean while his wife cheats on him at the bars and goes hone after dhe fuks that stupid goof and fuks her hardworking man that slaves for them constantly but nothing is ever good enough for that stupid dumb hag. I am sorry Darcy that u have to go through this sheis a peace of sh1t. And yes he was fool to stay but that man literally split his wages with her and all ahe does take his money and then fuks off to the bar cheats treats him like sh1t oh and also when ever they break up girl friends r calling him up trying to fuk him or narc her out fir all her sins all I have to say is GRAYSON SMITH YOUR HEART IS SICK THERE IS NO SOUL IN YOU THAT MAN did absolutely EVERYTHING FOR YOU AND U LET HIM GO TREATED HIM LIKE SH1T WHILE WE SAT BACK AND WATCHED YOU MAKE HIM THINK IT WAS ALL HIS FAULT WHEN CLEARLY BITCH ITS URS