On May 31, 2013 my husband at that time gets home about midnight and is acting nervous. I asked what’s wrong and see a pink slip on his hand I thought it was a DWI, since he was outside my house drinking and washing his car when my daughter and I went to sleep. No he says I got into an accident and my car was totaled. I asked him where, how, are u ok? He said I was giving the neighbor (Sara Beckhusen) a ride and she got life flight out of there. I asked what was she doing with him since she always had a bunch of guys at her house that had cars, he said I was just giving her a ride to a party. I knew something was wrong then but he denied it. At this time she was 20 years old and my husband was 37.

In June we took a family vacation and she would call him while we were gone, he said it was always about the wreck and that she was just a stupid kid trying to get money from our insurance. From then on he started staying out late at work, or going out with friends, or not liking what was for dinner and going out to eat on his own supposedly. I knew there was someone else. Found receipts of dinners for two, and other hints. He started to sleep more and more in the guest room, but he was sneaking out during the night to the next door neighbors. On our 14th anniversary in January I confronted him about it and he did not deny that he was cheating on me with Sara for the past 6 months and that things were getting serious with her but he wanted to end it. They had been texting and sending nude pictures and stated that it was better if I didn’t know any more so that I wouldn’t get hurt. He stated that he knew she was a whore and was just after his money and he knew it, he begged me to forgive him and said he loved me and our family and try to work it out.

I decided to give us a chance but she called him and he called her again. He said he only loved me and she was just sex but that our sex was the best he ever had. I called it quits since of course I didn’t believe any of this. This white trash knew we were married and had a little girl. She saw us together putting up Christmas lights and she paraded herself in front of us like nothing. She had no respect for my little girl and flirted with him in front of her. Well we ended up finalizing our divorce in June and now she is with him. I know that karma is a bitch and will take care of both of them, but for now I want everyone to know this whore is a home wrecker.