Long story short i lost my husband of 7 1/2 years due to this woman. She is from Arizona came to Houston Texas for a married man she only knew over the internet. That didnt work out for her. So she moved to Garland Texas where she started at my husbands busines as a office dispatcher worked her way to office manager (now i know how) i learned after three years she was making comments to him such as she gives great head. My ex now was partners with his brother she got my ex to convince him to go different ways so she could have the business and my ex.. she watched our kids, came to birthday parties for our family hired me just to find out about me in detail asked our family how my house cleaning was (which is perfect) i caught him saying baby on the phone to her and shortly after we seperated after him begging me to come back we got a divorce. I warn all ladoes she is money hungry wamts all and everything.