this woman Sarah Orgill foremly kozoriz likes screaming victim when she instigates the whole thing. So she had this restraining order against this guy CJ who she ‘claims’ CJ has been harrassing her and threatening her. her recent outburt is apparently this CJ is stalking her. That he has been bullying her . Its all a big fat LIE and she is going to keep saying this , according to sarah Cj is going to rape her and murder her. it is absolutyly false , It was proven in court that was never said , you lied to the police and you were told to stop by the court of queens bench. I was sitting right there with cj , his wife , and worker so stop lying Sarah lets get the facts straight sarah nad her now Husband shane beat each other nightly, they did this before they were marreid and tried to get everyone in volved in her figts Her old Roomaate Allan used to indure their fights and had to wear ear plugs just to mute them out. she kept everyone up in that household till it got solved in her eyes. She was kicked out of hooke road by her grandmothers daughter , and the truth behind that is she was abusing her own grandmother and hospital refused Sarah to be in the same room as her . The poor woman died in a nursing home , when she could have had the proper care if Sarah handnt been busy manipulating her and abusing her Sarah involves herself in other peoples relationships and tries to wreck them because no can be happy except her, ,they put a cj’s wife at risk who had blood clot in her leg, cause they couldnt stop fighting . shane threw a phone and it hit cjs wife and it cause a bleed later . Then She got mad when CJ yelled at them both . and then she used it agianst him , she threatened to stab him with a dirty needle because his wife broke up with her. Sarah has called the police on cj over 135 times each telling the police that he was outside her door, he was hiding behind a tree , he was in her parking lot , she even called the police on him while he as talking to the officers . She claims he pops up everywhere, its not the case each time it was proven he was on transit , with his councsolor , with his dad not in edmonton, in red deer three times . twice when he was in the hospital . Sarah is so focused on making him pay for yelling at her for what she did to his wife She tried to get him to come over and say that he is sorry , he apoligized once and it wasnt good enough for her, she still mad at Cj because she put his wife at risk of serious injury and she got caught for it . they accused cj of writing emails and threats , but they cant prove it and neither can cj or his wife prove that shane and sarah did either .Sarah is mad because Shane was removed off of a Will cause he refused to answer the summon , SSarah figures Shane was entitled to that moeny , She isn,t its in trust for the kids. Shane did that to himself Cj’s wife had to change her facebook 16 times cause Sarah wouldnt stop hassling her, you couldnt get it through your sick skull the answer was no . they have been in court 4 times with these two people and each time a mutual restraining order was given . Her perfomance at the reunion was just for show as she still has this vendetta against CJ . Like serioulsy Sarah Leave CJ , his wife and their newborn alone , you have caused and done enough damage to them. Your new buddy doesnt know Cj like we do , and we are sick of your lies and his , dont show at the next reunion Cj and his wife are be there