This is Savanna hunter, or Savanna crooks, savanna xo or whatever the hell this meth head decides to go by this week and I’m very surprised she hasn’t been on this site many moons ago. This whole city knows her for her ridiculous sh1t talking , her video with the baton or her live streams saying her “street mom will beat up anyone who messes with her” but you know what else she’s known for?… BEING A DEAD BEAT MOM. Her and her “baby dad” (we all know the baby isn’t his) Zac Croy is his real name but he’s another loser with multiple fb names are two of the biggest methed up junkies in the city known for being HOODRATS and straight up LOSERS. They both steal cars and get high leaving their baby with savanna’s real mom who is also a crackhead. Savanna is a 5 foot tall DRD infected big mouthed chihuahua looking piece of dog sh1t who is nothing better than 5 day old gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe. She deserves literally nothing more than to be on this site.