The Worst Gold Diggers Author – Let’s start from the beginning with this lovely human right here. Savanna AKA Vanna Whyte one of Lamar Odom’s flings while he was spiraling on drugs. Savanna is a sex worker with a sleazy criminal past! She was pinched for floozy in 2011 after agreeing to an orgy with undercover cops for $600. Then in 2019 Miss Savanna was telling news outlets that after a hookup with Tray Songz in 2013 he forced her to have an abortion and threatened to kill her if she didn’t go through with the procedure. He would then pay her $25,000 to stay quiet about the situation. Looks like she didn’t. She then went on to open a business named [REDACTED]. Which I might add is her daughters name. She booked clients with a deposit and stole all the money. She then packed up and left without paying rent to the salon owner, leaving unhappy customers for them to deal with. For her newest scam, the lovely Vanna Whyte says she can get you products at half price (Shoes, hotels etc). She has scammed so many people who are looking to save a couple Bucks during this pandemic. She runs off with their money, disappearing with no intention on delivering the merchandise like she promises. This manipulative bottom feeder needs to be stopped. Stay far far away from this scam artist!!!