You are gong to need therapy after tangling with this guy! He uses tinder to seek out younger women that believe his lies. He tells them he loves them very early and that he wants to have kids with them. He already has two kids he has no relationship with but will convince you he sees them all the time! Pretty sure they live hours away and hasn’t seen them in years. He is a smooth talker but it won’t take long for you to start seeing the lies but holy sh1t don’t confront him about them as he will go ape sh1t and degrade you to the worst degree. Both him and his twin are addicts that don’t see their kids. Scott is abusive and is known to have a few charges on his record for domestic abuse. Scott has been known to fake a brain tumor and claims his seizures are why he doesn’t have a licence but he actually has a DUI. Heard something about MEP going after him as well. This man will show you his true colours very soon in the relationship but he will be the best man in the world while he’s kissing a55 and begging for forgiveness, don’t fall for it. To anyone that has been victimized by this man I solute you for your bravery! To all his future victims may god have mercy on your soul as this man is Lucifer himself!!