Sean Rhoades So I thought I would never have to see this “man’s” (I use that term very loosely) face again. But guess who showed up as one of my matches. He dated someone I know and we all believed she had met “the one”. His smile and silver tongue fooled us all. He seemed like the perfect dad, the perfect boyfriend, a man any woman would fight over. She talked about him like he was a God, husband material. That quickly changed as he started moving in with her. Slowly he started showing his true colors, being controlling and degrading. He claims he doesn’t drink much in his profile, that’s a lie. He wakes up and starts drinking and continues to drink all day, even when he has his kid (huge turn off). Not to mention the stalking after she broke up with him. He started coming to her house. Looking through her windows and harassing her. Leaving stuff at her place when he moved out, just to have an excuse to contact her. He even resorted to contacting someone she was dating before him, harassing him. He went as far as to contacting that guys ex girlfriend, harassing her too. It got to the point that she had to get an Emergency Protection Order just to get him out of her life. He claims he gets along with the mother of his child. Again another lie. All they do is fight, he’s constantly putting his ex down, saying she’s the crazy one. He was constantly trying to drag my friend into the problems he created. The girl I know learned that he was the crazy one, especially when he doesn’t get his way. She actually liked the mom and feels sorry that she’s stuck with that slob forever. I told my friend to contact his kid’s mom, but she won’t. I doubt the mom even knows what’s going on. He wants a woman with a career, but he doesn’t work. He just wants a woman to take care of him while he’s on disability. He wants a woman in reasonable shape, yet he’s completley out of shape. He wants someone faithful but he’ll talk to other women behind his girlfriends back. setting up his next victim. There’s always someone on the back burner to replace whoever he’s with. Don’t worry, he’ll remind you of that. He says he doesn’t like to go out, that’s because he’s broke. But if you’re offering to pay, he’ll go out. So this is warning to the other women out their. He’s a stalker, he’ll gaslight you, he brings you up just to knock you down. Don’t tell him anything personal because he will use it against you. He never hit my friend that I know of, but he’s abusive in every other way. I don’t want any other women to go through what my friend went through, she’s still piecing her life together, afraid he’ll show up again. Hopefully this will prevent more victims. If you don’t want to believe me and want to take a chance, be careful. If any of his previous victims see this, please warn others. He’s going to kill someone one day