The Worst Gold Diggers Author – meet London again or as others may know her as, Shale Shuttlesworth this sloot is already posted up here as an add on but I think she needs her own post! She’s done me and my friends dirty too! Guys and girls and young adults look out. This gold digging manipulative thief is something else. She’s currently pregnant. She has been using pepsi during. there’s 2 men she was using when she got knocked up. One had a long term gf. This girl loves shoving things up her a$$ and will let you put it in for a wig. She started doing p0rn after a video she got paid 300$ to do go leaked. She then proceed to recruited 2 minor females to start doing p0rn with her when she was in her 20s. She then fed them Molly and Lucy to control them. When people told them what she was doing they ditched her so she bashed them on her p0rnblog. In fact she seems to go to cyber bullying almost anyone she’s been “friends” with. Especially if they don’t do what she wants. She need to be medicated. I hope she gets help. Her current victims are the 2 potential baby daddy’s and one of the baby daddy’s gfs. I remember when she was younger, She tried to copy this blonde girl and ended up having to shave her head because she bleached her hair to much and it was falling out. That’s why she has so many wigs. She’s been doing this since she was in highschool she literally dated 2 boys and mentally abused them the same way. Some people never change. Watch out for this one.