Well, first off, this innocent looking woman comes off as a car tuner girl and hard working construction chick. It doesn’t take long to realize what she really is, a cheating who?re, like most women in construction, just wants all the guys to oogle her so she can feel better about herself. It’s sad as hell. She took a “break” from me, I found out that meant she was just chasing the next car guy, and apparently she did the same thing to him (no hard feelings there). Shes a lazy stoner,and enjoys racking up the bill for you to pay and pretend like she will pay you back. Shes broke a few hearts now and as the saying goes…once a cheater always a cheater… never trust this one! Not the most detailed gossip but I just want her name out there so the next poor sap that gets with her at least has a fighting chance…if he comes across this that is. Good luck out there!