This is Shanell Descutter. Goes by Star Shanell on FB now because she’d hiding behind fake profiles. She is the one who has been posting Chris James relentlessly on this site, making fake profiles with his photos on groups and dating sites, posting his photos on websites, and constantly harassing the fuk out of him. Shes created profiles acting as him harassing women. She was the admin of the FB groups bashing men and the person behind the Sharon Needles (Emersly) FB profile that was created strictly just to troll Chris. She’s the one who took photos of the place he was living at a few months ago which got reported to the police. All the bullsh1t lies about Chris and harassment he has received is beyond pathetic. Don’t believe any of it. She’s incredibly insecure and upset she can’t get a man. She really needs to get over him because this behaviour is insanely uncalled for. She is an ugly fat little wench with a grudge against him because he didnt want to date her over a year ago. They met once and he stopped talking to her. She is nothing short of brain damaged.