Ok guys. Get ready for a crazy story here. May I present to you Shanell Descutter. Goes by the name “Starchild” on Tinder for some strange reason. This THING literally has to be the most disgusting unhygienic psycho slob I’ve ever encountered! This pig is beyond psycho and probably hasn’t seen a shower in weeks. All of her photos online are taken at angles to make her look slimmer but in reality this blob of human fecal matter is obese as fuk. Where to even begin? We matched on Tinder and set up a date to meet for a coffee. I saw her face pics and just assumed she was a cute fit girl with nice eyes. Boy was I wrong. I should have asked for more photos before meeting because the minute she walked in the door I almost threw up. Absolute CATFISH!! This ogre is about 5’6 and built like a dump truck with tits. Stains on her teeth and hair like twine. I almost called her out on it and left but I didn’t want to be rude to her either so I played the part of the gentleman and powered through it. Well… the date was absolutely horrendous. She sat down at the table reeking of cigarettes, b.o and cheap perfume to try and cover it up. It was such a foul concoction the woman seated next to us gave us a disgusted glare and moved down a table. I was so embarassed but remained polite until I could find an excuse to ditch the date. She talked incessantly about her child and baby daddy, asked if I was into drugs at all ( I assumed she was ), kept trying to move closer to me despite all the signals I wasnt even remotely interested, and then hinted at going back to my place afterwards which I declined citing I had to “help a friend move some furniture”. She talked about how she doesn’t drive because she has never had a license and doesn’t plan on getting one. When asked where she currently lives she said “oh. all over the place. I usually move every year”. Kept commenting how handsome I was and how she lucked out meeting me because she hasnt found much success on Tinder. At one point in the date she leaned over and let out a fart and laughed about it. I couldnt handle it anymore. I had to get the fuck out of there so I went to the bathroom and texted my friend to call me for an emergency bail. 10 mins later I was out the door with this gremlin waddling behind me asking me for a ride. It was at this point I ran to my car jumped in and peeled out. Never again