So this drama is only going on with this bitch because she chose to post about me and skew the story, so now I am posting the truth. I only ever post on here when bitches are spewing lies. Like I always say you can stfu or you can tell the truth or tell lies but if you choose to broadcast lies, I will broadcast the truth. I was ready to not talk at all and move on but then I see you talking about me publicly. So this bitch, I’ve had trouble with before. She always wants people there for her but when they need her, she doesn’t just make excuses no, she makes the plans but then stands you up. She’s trying to say she cancelled, no she straight up stood me up and kept standing me up just to go to a party or fuk some raver. Even though I offered her a place to stay and was the one that was there for her for the breakup and let her stay with me for a few nights she can’t return the favor by just hanging one night. Then I calmly and respectfully explained to her that it is totally wrong. She doesn’t think it is and refused to apologize. She told me it’s my problem and that it’s gonna happen again and “I’m just gonna do me and not worry about anyone else”. So I told her I don’t have room for people like her in my life and I’m done with her as she was leaving because we argued after she made every excuse under the sun to excuse being a sh1tty friend but then summed it all up by telling me I can’t take out my problems on her. After she spent 10 minutes explaining all the reasons that excuse her taking out her problems on others. She is clearly addicted to something again. She lied to her mom and friends saying her band isn’t covering her textbooks so that her mom would give her money but it was really to fund her birthday party. Her mom called the band and found out they are actually covering her textbooks and confronted her and she exploded at her mom calling her an addict and stopped speaking to her. But she’s super fake so she later posts on facebook about don’t call people addicts and junkies. Also posting a thing about “if I do something wrong tell me and I’ll apologize and learn” but clearly she never does because this isn’t the first time I’ve had a falling out with her because she can’t apologize for being a sh1tty person. When she was breaking up with her ex, she was pushing his buttons so he pushed hers and then she attacked him with anything she could grab. She broke her mannequin over his shoulder, threw a dresser at him and a crystal candy dish and was beating him in the head with hangers as he was on the phone with the cops. He was covered in blood and she was even trying to get her cousin to help her beat him up. After all that she’s going around telling people he attacked her because he restrained her after she broke a bunch of stuff over him. He could’ve ruined her life if he pressed charges and obviously she’s not very grateful for that if she’s talking sh1t. She obviously has narcissistic personality disorder as a result from her childhood abuse and can never accept responsibility for anything and just points the finger. She’s selfish af and an attention slore. Classic NPD. Also she is so bad at taking a good look in the mirror that she blames all her problems on being native and thinks moving to New Zealand is gonna solve all her problems. You ever think you can’t get a job because you have walked out on every job you’ve had? No no it MUST be because you’re native and everyone is racist. Ever think you get followed in stores because you act sketchy and don’t make eye contact with staff? Don’t be fooled, she’s not a good person. She’s causing so much drama right now because she couldn’t leave well enough alone, she had to go spewing bs. I’m done when you are Shanice. When you’re ready to take accountability for yourself and start telling the truth. This could’ve been over after I told you what I needed to say but no you had to turn this into a bunch of drama by posting sh1t. You can keep talking and acting like I’m the problem here but I just cut you off and just you but you lost 2 of your best friends and your boyfriend because of your addiction. You’re the common denominator.