She Along With My Husband Has Been Having An Affair. When I Confronted Her About It She Claimed She Didn’t Know He Was Married Yet He Posted It On Facebook, And Knew About Me. Liking Pics He Had Posted Of Us. So Just Like Every H*e They Always Claim They Don’t Know About You. Fast Forward This Past Week My Husband Claimed He Was Going Out Of Town To “Memphis In May” Took Our 6 Year Old Son Along. They Both Thought It Was Ok To Drag My Son Into Their Affair. They Had My Son With Them Not Knowing My Son Was Recording While He Was In The Back Seat Of Our Family Car. I Wrote Her On Facebook To Let Her Know Thanks To My Son I Knew They Were Together. I’m Guessing He Told Her To Block Me. If You Know Her Watch Her And Don’t Let Her Around Your Man Especially Married Ones, Funny Thing Is Her Parents Are Married So You Would Think She Would Know Better Then To Be Commiting Adultery. She’s Sad AF. & I can’t Wait For Karma To Catch Up To Her. She Is Originally From Arkansas. If You Know Her Let Her Know She’s Been Exposed.