Finally Time this scum bag of a parent and human be exposed. Edmonton’s Biggest Hypocrite And Sloot she’s known for talking sh1t and being super noisy always sticking her nasty face where it doesn’t belong ! She LOVES To talk sh1t over face book but when she sees you she runs away like a little chicken sh1t She will fuk your man behind your back and turn him and whoever she can against you , she’ll sit on her phone commenting on peoples sh1t and there business with her very Unnecessary opinions that no one give a sh1t about had the nerve to always talk about other people’s parenting when she’s a no better parent ! like get over yourself shaylee no one likes you your one of THE FAKEST PEOPLE IN EDMONTON Keep putting on a show for the life you got on face book got to admit your doing good but don’t worry everyone will see REALITY and just How FAKE AND MALICIOUS you really Are -Xoxo Your fav 💋