Ayesha Farier met my husband at a park where he took our 5 kids. She used her son to pick him up saying they should exchange numbers so the boys can play again, but then was texting my husband at all hours of the night not about play dates for the kids. After 3 months of trying to work on my marriage, I gave up. I told my husband he can have. Yes they did have sex. He even went as far as to get a burner phone so I wouldn’t see the whores number on my phone bill. I told my husband that if he continued to see her our kids would not be around that sort of trash… since he stopped talking to her, she comes to my job at least once a week. Not sure why. I mean I wouldn’t show my face in a place where everyone knows she’s a homewrecking slut.. but that’s probably just self respect and morals- 2 things that whore lacks. She’s let air out of my tires and posted my name and number and place of work on back pages offering blow jobs…. hope no one else has to ever deal with her…. FYI, I’m happily getting divorced.