Hey guys, this sad excuse of a human beings name is shylynn goes by shylynn mayes on Facebook usually. I know this troll from high school, where she was just known for being a compulsive liar and an even bigger hoe but it turns out her lies have gotten even better! So I haven’t seen this girl in YEARS and of course she recognizes me downtown, she was with her two kids who looked like they haven’t bathed in days(same as her) she gave me a sob story about how her baby dad is in jail and she needs me to accept an e transfer from his account to pay off a ticket of his to get out. She said he got arrested with his card, told me the money’s legit his name is Carlos even told me they live in Columbia half the year! she was very convincing, even had her 3 year old son tell me “daddy’s in jail”, she’s clearly lost herself to meth and let the drugs take over her because while leaving my bank pushing her child’s stroller with her 3 year old walking beside her she was talking about how she just needs “a half chub of G right now” and she even talked about needing to get high on crystal meth! Anyways so we get to my bank and I pull out $600 for her, she let me keep 20 for the favour.. she thanked me and told her sons that “daddy was gonna be out tonight” well Monday came and I got a call from my bank.. THIS LOSER SENT ME A FRAUDULENT E TRANSFER. Probably for her next high! She is a sad excuse of a human being let alone a “mother” and she deserves to be exposed. Stay away from this lying sewer rat who will only screw over anyone in her path. No clue how she has custody of her children still.