This HOMEWRECKER Stacey Elizabeth Mejia only was married but was sleeping my husband for months before her husband sent me an email telling me what had been going on. When I found out I kicked him out and he got an apartment with her. All the while telling me he’s not living with her while her husband is telling me she is never home and was staying with him. When I filed for divorce, she began texting and harassing ME!! So she got named in the restraining order, which of course she violated 100 times! When my husband and I decided to try to reconcile, she again texts me every detail of their sexual relationship, telling me that I was a screwed up person because I had been sexually abused as a child for so long. Accusing me of dragging his kids and a bunch of other horrible things. This went on for 6 months. She would then contact my husband and brag about what she was doing to me. She’s a sociopathic LVN and would hope any company or any person that gets involved with her BEWARE! Oh by the way did I mention that she’s a swinger? Her and her husband. So she has slept with countless other men, married men! Her husband said he got her a boob job so she would be more appealing to other married men. Sick people!! I promise I’m not making this up! I felt like I was living in a soap opera for months. Women, unless your into swinging I’d keep a close eye on your man if she’s anywhere around.