this is Rachelle Desjarlais from Edmonton. This b*tch dated my older brother from 2015-2017 until he recently found out she’d been cheating on him with numerous men. He has broken up with her a few times in the past, but she would come back begging for him to be with her again. She would tell him she was going on trips, but she was going to meet a different boyfriend (or who knows who else). The last time she came back about a month ago. She gave my brother DRD after not seeing him for a while. He found out about at least 3 other men, one of them was married! And was having a serious relationship with a man in Vancouver. She cheated on him for their entire 2 year relationship! She tries to pretend to be so sweet and innocent, but looks and acts can be deceiving. Thank god it was something curable that she gave him, but everyone watch out for this floozy. She’s been harassing my brother for the last few weeks constantly. Guys, stay away from this dirty b*tch.