this deadbeat father Raymond Paquette has three children . Luckily for one, she got me. And the first two got a good mom, too. Other than that, this man likes to try to hook women on drugs, then beats them into submission. And by beat I mean litterly beats them till they are black and blue. My nose, it has been broken. My ribs, they have been broken. 7months pregnant put me in the hospital.

He’s a peace of sh*t. Doesn’t help pay for anything and if he does send money, it’s 10 dollars and then after a day, he wants it back. Stole my Xbox, my PlayStation, his other baby Mommas 60″ TV. Hell, he even stole his son’s and daughter’s iPads. And their money. Not to mention he cheats and gave me a DRD twice. He smokes crack and meth. Anything he can get his hands on. And not one of the mothers to his children can or well trust him alone with the kids, due to the fact he will do drugs in the next room with them and beat on the mothers in front of them. My word, no joke . Ladies, stay away from this man. He is fu**ing evil.