This female Summer Joyner Hale Cates is in the business of destroying lives. She’s a whirlwind of destruction tearing up all in her path. Her daughter is with her fist (that I’m aware of) victim, Josh. She lied on him and used their daughter as a pawn to destroy his mentality. It eventually came out that she had hopped right on to Josh’s brother, Matt a year before she and Josh split up. Matt had a daughter with another woman and Summer worked diligently to destroy that relationship between the child and her mother using lies and manipulation. After that fun was over with she started cheating on Matt with their co-coach on their softball team and that’s where she currently resides until the next opportunity crosses her path to be a lying, manipulating, waste of breath, HOMEWRECKER. I used to be this woman’s friend, until I saw who she really is. She has a lot of people fooled but don’t think for a second she’s not going to set her sights on your man and do every horrible thing she has to do to get him. It appeases her evil motives.