This sloot is LONG OVERDUE and earned her post on here LOOONG AGO. This is a Redd alert pass around, no surprise though so is her mom.. even thou half of R.A (rat association if you ask me) are their freaking cousins!! But most Desjarlais are straight up DISGUSTING. All they do is smoke a meth pipe all day long and run around with bear mace robbing people for 20$ or even their shoes. Syaira though is the worst of them all. She calls herself deadly but really she’s just HEADLY. She talks so much smack about people and acts so buck yet she’s a 4’11 junkie who bikes around the Northside day and night trying sell dime bags of crystal meth but when she gets no custys she smokes it all. She’s also INFESTED with drd’s. Also dating Dillon Laney who gave my best friend Genital herpes…..Name on Facebook is “Lightning Youngmoneyy Yg” if you guys ever need a fix, or a good laugh!!!