In early November my finances grandmother passed away he took it really hard. I have 3 kids with my ex husband & 1 with my fiance this lovely sorry excuse for a woman Sydnee Brooke from Bowie Texas (which had been a friend of his for a couple years before I met him) decided to jump on the fact we were arguing often over money with Christmas coming up & him being down with the passing of his grandmother. I woke in the middle of the night & his phone was in his hand & text messages were up. She was telling him she had dreams about him & wished he was there to cuddle with her. She knew we were engaged & decided to come in & broke up our relationship as well as family.

She was giving him a poor me story about her having to get results for cancer & blah blah blah. So ladies beware of this woman she will take your man from right under you while you sleep next to him.