Ok so who the fuk is this b1tch thinks she can come into our hood and run sh1t. Fake as fuk even her boyfriend broke up with her to do diz because she was always wanting to have sex with him clearly he faked the realtionship just to use her like we all did. This chick needs to be taken down a knotch doesn’t even sleep Driving around thinking she’s in hollywood. My boyfriend doesn’t shut the fuk up about her and it makes me sick if I hear her name one more time I’ll slot my wrists. She thinks she can just take everyones boyfriend and bribe them into being her friend cause she has a nice truck, money and drugs. That’s all they want u for hunny u ain’t nothing special oh and your apartment looks stupid as fuk who puts 1 couch in a massive living room probably sold all your shit for more g to feed our men