my name is Scott. I’m writing a reply to your post about Tammy Falkner or Goddess Gabrielle from Edmonton. Normally I wouldn’t say anything, but when I found out she got her daughter addicted to needles, I couldn’t sit quietly. Maybe this will wake her up and maybe she will get some help.

I used to see her a lot at Paradise Massage and then at Supreme and she even came to see me at the Coast Plaza Hotel with a fire alarm lol. She wasn’t always a junkie when I saw her, but it was obvious when she worked at Legends because she would slur and nod out in the middle of sex. She had black marks on her hands and arms that you could see even in the low lights, and even with the best +2’s in the business distracting you. It’s true she would give me bareback service, but she charged me 400 not 300 like the other post says.

Someone from a porta potty review site told me that if you message her directly, she will do an outcall if she knows you. I hope she didnt marry Sam because he supplies her with drugs or the money to buy drugs. She looks so much worse now and she should stop before drugs take away her looks completely. Gabby, get help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!