Tanya DeHay is sleeping with her co-worker and probably others while engaged! Everyone took bets to see how long the engagement will last. How sad is that?! She takes pills like candy, so it’s probably why she forgets or orders the wrong parts for customers, she ordered the wrong part for me and another person! She’s been with a guy named Stephan for about a year. Within that year she slept with multiple men, now she’s “engaged” to Stephan, after she slept with a co-worker the day before he proposed, everyone noticed because she blasted herself on Snapchat and is confused as to how everyone knows!! She has 3 boys and told me she tells her mom she’s going to the store, but is gone for hours and proceeded to laugh. Just stay away from her, she lied right to my face when she was accused of sleeping around and said she’s faithful to one person! Now I’m thinking she meant, she’s faithful to one person a day! She’s a cheater and a lier and I don’t want anyone else to get hurt!