Attention Edmontonians and Albertain: to all law enforcement, cons, ex cons and future potential targets. Beware of this drama and attention seeking cow. This bimbo likes making up drama for past friends and ex’s lovers and whom ever see she can try and intimidate. This troll has the reputation of attempting all avenues at destroying people’s lives. She first started by blasting a dear friend on here 3x. Then reported another friend to CFS, because she was pissy and didn’t get her way one day. Now I am stepping in and doing right back to her. She seems to have it in her mushy brain that it’s ok and that we wouldn’t catch on. We are not all stupid like your husband Tara. Remember that everything you do is under investigation. Stalking and harassing your husband’s ex is just another class act you have committed. Attempting to coerce the kids against their own birth mother. What kind of monster are you?!?! It’s funny how someone who trash talks so much hides behind a keyboard like a pu55y in high school and acts all tough and innocent on fb. B1tch you are so simple!!!! Do you cut yourself too to gain pitty from Matt? Do the world a solid and disappear already. Better yet toss your fat ass down a flight of stairs. You are a waste of cells and life!