let me reintroduce you to this moo moo loving wilderbeast. She loooves fuking people over, ratting them out then sitting back while they go to jail. Once she traps them she harasses and taunts them like a crazy a55 lunatic. When she’s not doing that she’s manipulating men to marry her with in months. She’s already on husband number 3 and has 6 kids. It always looks like she’s expecting. Short fat troll Here are just some of the names she has gone by in the past to most recently. What’s funny is what should people call her? Tara Beauchamp Tara Stannard Tara Kerr (almost) Tara Elise Tara Ste-Croix Tara Oliver Let’s add dirty pig face to the list too Dirty Pig face This gold digging, bastard birthing cvnt needs to be put in her place. She’s been know to float around on back pages, pig and tinder to trap her victims (husbands) the newest one is military but clearly he doesn’t know her well enough yet. It’s funny cuz there is a slew of us including some of her co workers who have placed bets on how long he will stick around. Cleanly John and Benoit made it out alive but not without losing finances and property. This slots is a life sucker. Re-expose her, please Nic? She actually thought that nobody would notice her evil ways. It may have took some time but she’s predictable now.