First off I’ll say she’s not alone in fault, however she is responsible for her continuious & persistance in reaching out to my husband after its all said & done….she’s been with her dude supposedly almost a yr now but she just had sex with my husband less than a month ago, well she gave him head less than a month ago.

I don’t understand how anyone but especially a woman can lower herself to this kind of level, she clearly knew who I was, & that did nothing to stop her from continuing on an affair behind her boyfriends back with a married man. Not just some smuck but a man who’s about to have his very first grandbaby this summer. Not to mention she’s got 3 kids of her own she’s setting one hell of a terrible example for, look kids this is what mommy does to earn a living, I go throw my p*ssy out there for all the world to see and give an std!!!

Idk about everyone else in the world, but I truly love my husband, but I am deserving of better treatment than this by far and tramps like this should be the ones that feel this hurt so deep it’s makes me physically ill. I can honestly say I’ve never wanted karma to kick someone right in the ass so badly in all my life!! I hope you catch the worst VD possible & your lips (both sets) blister so badly you can’t do anything but cry you nasty whore!!!