My now ex-boyfriend and I had been together for 3 years. He was working out of town a few days a week in Ft. Worth while I was at home with our 2 small children. I started getting very suspicious of him because he was no longer the sweet man he had made himself out to be. The compliments of how great of a woman and mother I was came to a complete stop. He no longer would bring home flowers and stopped really caring. I had enough of this behavior and decided to check his phone. She was calling him babe through the text messages so I immediately questioned him. He fessed up to have slept with her and said that she was a really nice girl and she was someone he could talk to and he was in love with her. I asked him every question under the sun about the affair. Like for instance if she knew about me and our kids. The answer was yes.

Well the affair went on for about a year before I found out. We separated in August and come November of 2013 he was telling me how it was a complete mistake for him to leave his family for her and how he wanted nothing more than to have me and the kids back at home. He told me everything my heart and ears wanted to hear. I fell for it. Well about a week ago I found out that they had been talking once again. He said he didnt love me, he loves her and he wants to be with her. Well we found out in March that I was pregnant. So now I have been left for the same homewrecker as before with 2 small children and a baby on the way.