This disgusting piece of human garbage goes by the name Taylor Godin and she’s a very outspoken racist feminist piece of sh1t who likes to make posts on social media about white power and “eradicating parasites who belong in their own country”. She works in real estate and has openly expressed how she hates dealing with anyone of an ethnic minority. Even goes as far to quote Hitler on her facebook posts only to remove it seconds later so nobody can screenshot it and put it on this site. This hate monger needs her employer to be aware of how sick she really is. I was out with a friend of mine who happens to be here from Dubai studying petroleum engineering and we all got into a discussion about education and this witch faced cvnt decides to ask him what right he has coming to this country to study a career that is best suited for a local who grew up here. The audacity of this woman is unbelievable. Not to mention she walks around like she owns her behaviour and is proud of it! A true human piece of crap that needs to be put on blast.