This is Taylor Paige. I obviously wouldn’t be posting this if she didn’t wreck my family. I just had my daughter 3 months before I found out about her. I left my boyfriend to go to visit some family so they could meet my precious baby. When I got back from Family’s I found an email on my boyfriends phone saying “I don’t know if you will care but I thought I’d let you know I’m pregnant and you’re the last person I had sex with” I found her phone number by looking through some old emails of his and I called her. I asked who she was trying to get ahold of and she told me his name (my boyfriend) I said “no sorry that’s my boyfriend”

She wanted me to feel sorry for her! She acted like she had NO idea about is (my daughter and myself) but I KNOW she did because I had seen previous messages between them BOTH saying he had a girlfriend and a daughter and she had a boyfriend! Some how I managed to forgive him, we still live together and are raising our daughter together. She on the other hand swore up and down this baby was my Boyfriends, then about 6 months into her pregnancy she texted me to let me know she had a miscarriage. Obviously I found out that was a lie because in May she started posting pictures of her baby. We tried to reconcile and get a Dna test (after she admitted to sleeping with several men in the same week) I wanted to do the right thing and we would help with this baby if it was his (my boyfriends). Then all of the sudden she “wasn’t allowed” to talk to me. And she claims she got a fan test done but won’t show us any papers or any proof. All of you ladies with men that live in the AUSTIN, TX area, you have been warned. Not only will she sleep with your man but she will keep his baby away from him too!!!!