& the rest of Edmonton; if you haven’t… meet Taylor Walsh. The most fake wanna be “red and white” rep around. She is back & fourth from north to south and god knows where, or who else. She isn’t a good friend, or person what so ever. Taylor used to be my friend and is currently friends with my friend now, and is always trying to hook up with him but he knows just as well as anyone else who knows this girl, (if that’s even what we can call her); that she is used up trash. I mean it, she is trash. All she does is plot against who she “rides” with, she turns on her friends the first chance she gets and steals from them so she can get a quick fix, doesn’t matter if it’s 5 bucks or 100 she will take what she can get. This girl snorts Pepsi, bangs H, and god knows what else. She claims she is psycho and crazy to intimidate people but in reality she is just a screwed up junkie with daddy issues who sells her body and does drugs. She does nothing good for herself at all? Everyone she claims she has on her side all thinks she is a joke cause they know what she is all about. I grew up watching this girl form into something horrible and it’s time people know about her. I’m surprised she hasn’t been posted, but here is her blast.