I have been with my fiancé for almost a year now. He works in the oil field, always trusted him. Well he is friends with this bitch (ex girlfriend’s) parents which I had no problem with and actually got along with them. Well I let her mother plan our wedding that was in March of next year. My fiancé was away for work, we got into an argument on Thursday he came and got his stuff from me, took my cellphone, iPad and my jeep. Friday I didn’t hear from him at all, and I had to take my little sister to a Brad Paisley concert that night. I wake up the next morning (Saturday) and he is at my moms door. Comes in, we talk, I KISS him and he leaves and says he has things to do. Comes back a couple hours later and is crying. I run up and say baby what’s wrong and there it goes “I slept with someone else.”

So on Friday he was too busy hanging out with this slut pup, she got on his bike with him, just got me a brand new seat on the back and I haven’t even got to ride it, he let this dirty hooker in my fucking jeep, took her to OUR house and fucked this dirty little hamster in OUR bed. And he says “I was drunk and didn’t think you cared about me.” Yeah go fuck yourself you knuckle dragging swamp cunt. This bitch KNEW we were together, had already tried adding him on Facebook and her MOTHER was planning our wedding. FUCK YOU SKANK.