:When we think of cops or who have served we think of heroic and selfless people who need no recognition for their work, who do it selflessly with no gloating and/or exaggeration. This is the exact opposite case with Andy Nairne Social. Young ladies watch out because this 52 year old narcissist will only come after women at least 15-25 years younger then him and be very sexually and physically aggressive with you while creepily judging/watching your every move. He investigates only what has nothing to do with being a cop as he ignores crimes that you confide in him about/are scared of while bragging about turning down the chief position that he was never offered in the first place. He will use you and play you for his pleasure and ego while slowly sucking any light or brightness you have inside of you. He thinks his status is so great when he doesn’t even have his reffing commander certificate so why is he reffing mma and ufc..a last resort substitute perhaps? snake! If he tells you he is a support group worker do not believe him or confide in him as he will not help or support you he will only judge and use all your personal information against you. He even encouraged a young suicidal women that he fancied to hurt herself when she broke it off with him and wasn’t doing well. The most dangerous people are the ones who perceive themselves as good people to others and create a big illusion of who they actually are. Andy Nairne Social is the perfect slimy scary example watch out ladies and actual heroes!