Ashley, since you so kindly shared personal information about me, I figured it’s only fair that I do the same for you. Enjoy! Ashley and I met when we were teenagers, we bonded over doing ecstasy together. Yes we started doing drugs when we were 14. I would just do ecstasy, but ashley loved doing pepsi and drinking as well. So don’t try to act like some angel, your drug history is just as bad, if not worse then mine. And everyone has always assumed you smoke meth or crack because of how skinny you are. Which would probably explain your erratic and impulsive behaviours. Ashley has always been promiscuous. I remember years where she would sleep with different guys on a weekly basis. Her head count is probably above 500 different guys. She is also on every free dating website in Edmonton, AB! So guys if you want a free sex, you know who to look for. And she has a nice set of fake boobs and she’s a pretty girl when she’s all done up! She has also told guys that her idea of an ideal date is McDonalds! So buy this girl a cheeseburger and she is yours for the night! And don’t worry, you don’t have to call her back, she’s likes one night stands. And let’s talk about the married / taken men you sleep with. You had an affair with a married man who worked at YM when you worked at Suzy Shier. His name was Ryan Kelly. He was married, with kids and you knew that! Yet you continued to sleep with him for years. And you continued to sleep with Christopher Chase even after he got a girlfriend. Those are just the two guys I remember, but there are plenty more! So when you get cheated on, know that it’s karma working it’s way back to you. Ashley has been a depressed, miserable person probably for her entire life and tries to make others just as miserable as hers. She is one of those girls that will hit a guy until he hits back and then tell everyone that he abused her! She should be in jail abuse, but instead she had her baby’s dad arrested and put in jail for an altercation she started! Now let’s talk about my relationship with Ashley. Ashley is so jealous of me that she used to tell her boyfriend, AJ, to go and fuk me when she was mad at him. Yes he showed me the texts. WHO SAYS THAT – ABOUT THEIR BEST FRIEND? To make things even worse, one night we were all drinking and she asks me to come to bed with her and her boyfriend AJ. I told her no that it was a bad idea, but she wanted to see if he would cheat on her. She pulled the “if your my friend, you will do this for me” and I was too drunk to stand up for myself and say no. So, I go to bed with them, we were all in our underwear but nothing serious ended up happening. And she has been mad at me because of that night since then! And she’s the one that begged me to do it! Again, WHO THE FUK DOES THAT? To their best friend? Then ashley told my boyfriend what had happened and said I cheated on him and that she watched me have sex with her boyfriend, AJ. Which is a complete lie! So a couple of years ago I eventually realized that this girl was not my friend , that she was just a mean, mean person. I told her that I no longer wanted to be her friend. She couldn’t accept the truth and said I didn’t want to see her anymore because I was in love with her baby’s dad AJ! Even thought I was still with my current boyfriend of 5 years at the time! She then proceeded to message everyone I know and tell them that I had “slept with” her boyfriend and that I had cheated on my boyfriend, trying to cause drama in my life. Except people know me and they know how crazy Ashley is, so no cared what she had to say. A year ago her baby’s dad, AJ added me on Instagram and Ashley has been stalking my posts to see if he likes or comments on anything, because she apparently has nothing better to do with her time then stalk people who don’t want her around. AJ is now taking ashley to court for full custody of his daughter because ashley is verbally abusive towards her daughter! She even recorded a video making her daughter cry by telling her daughter that her dad doesn’t love her. Ashley is so scared that she is going to loose in court that she started lashing out is trying to stir up drama with me again. Ashley, if you were a good person, bad things wouldn’t keep happening to you. Bad things happen to you because you are a bad person. Learn to take responsibility for your actions and make better choices in life and try being nice to people! Maybe people will start being nice back to you. Sincerely, your ex-best friend, Amanda Petrillo <3