Here are the testimonials from people who have suffered never ending harassment from Matthew Galpin. This mental midget is STILL posting people 8 years later (with countless posts on thedirty) and harassing women through text messages and private numbers, posting anyone he argues with on TheDirty, and threatening to destroy people’s property when called out to back his big mouth up. This little pest has no life other than to try and cyberbully other people to compensate for his pathetic life of being unemployed, broke, and suicidal. He’s been shunned by his family for dragging their name through the mud with all of his psychotic behaviour and you would think at almost 30 this guy would have outgrown this criminal childish behaviour. He’s nothing more than a cockroach bottom feeder who likes to create chaos online because deep down nobody wants to hang around a twisted, ugly, short, little wacko who thinks wrestling men in tights is manly. People don’t forget, Matt. Everytime your name comes up in a post people see and remember the cruel evil things you’ve done to animals and the harassment people had endured from you. Keep hiding. Karma will get you.