Theresa is 37 years old and has been married three times already. She is currently engaged to soon-to-be ex-husband number four. She has four children to 3 different men. She has bad credit, a trail of unpaid debt and an active case of genital herpes. She is quite the catch! In my opinion, she is a terrible mother, leaving her children (ages 17 to 6) to fend for themselves while she plays endless games of soccer or pursued another woman’s husband.

Back in 2010, she started an affair with Ryan Fernando Hamner. She pretended to be friends with his wife, who was the daycare provider for her 4th child (to husband #3). For 5 years, off and on, Ryan and Theresa had an affair. She bragged about it to multiple people- who told Ryan’s wife. Her husband found out by going through Theresa’s phone and their phone bill. Theresa confessed all to her husband and swore it was over. Both Ryan and Theresa begged their spouses to stay and not end their marriages- but then continued their affair.

In October and November of 2014, Theresa insisted her husband move out and Ryan walked out on his wife and family so they could be together. As of today, they are engaged to be married in Jan. of 2016. They feel that God has ended their marriages so they can be with “better” partners and they are “blessed” by God in their love to each other. Ryan has a history similar to Theresa’s with lying, cheating and not paying his debts. He left his first and second wives in financial disarray when he walked out. Both Ryan and Theresa have hurt so many with their adultery that they justify by using God and twisting scripture.

These two make quite a couple! How long will this sham of a “marriage” that is built on lies and adultery last? We thank our lucky stars everyday that they are no longer part of our lives!