My fiancé has been friends with Jordan Alliss since kindergarten they have always been close. Well he got with a girl named tiffany in high school, her and Jordan had a son together named able before me and my fiancé started dating we were friends at the time. Eric (my fiancé) was friends and around them both the whole pregnancy and everyone knows over time life starts happen and you stop seeing your friends so much. Jordan and tiffany broke up and went there separate ways. After a couple years of not seeing tiffany – Eric and I still saw Jordan and went fishing and to the movies and lake almost every couple days during the summer. well Jordan and tiffany’s 2 year old son got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer he was in the hospital on iv’s getting chemo and surgery and I had been hanging out with her thought we were friends and that she was a sweet person – well I was wrong. While I was working I told my fiancé to go hang out with her so she’s not sitting alone in the hospital she had already been there a few weeks and was always left alone because people had to work – and then me my fiancé and tiffany started to hang out a lot.

movies dinners and we were at outback and they were flirting in front of me and even the waiter said how long have they been together and I started asking questions they both denied it. So I started getting looking through phone bills one night when my fiancé went “night fishing” and didn’t come home till 5 am and when he did he woke me up kissing and loving on me like he had not in a while and I put 2 and 2 together and started going through phone bills and seeing how often they talked and played them against each other saying the other had told me till Eric admitted what happen….oh and lets not forget that I WAS 4 MONTHS PREGNAT AT THE TIME. AND THE DAY BEFORE WE WENT AND FOUND OUT I WAS HAVING A BOY. instead of night fishing my fiancé went and picked her up and f%$#ed her in the car I bought him while we were talking about baby names and her son was getting chemo – How trashy and nasty can you be – you know he is in a relationship you know he has a baby in the way and I took money out of my pockets to drive and spend time with you buying you and your son dinner and lunches and a couple times even the family.

And to make it all worse she had punched her baby daddy in the face for kissing someone else because they were trying to get back together. In which I tried to help her out one night while she was at the hospital and me eric and his friend brenton were camping with a couple other girls one of them being brentons girl at the time – she had a sister named Jessica who was down there talking about her and Jordan hanging out and talking about dating and that he wasn’t with tiffany and I as a friend spoke up and said no actually we have been going on double dates with them he is lying and i text her to tell her what was said and she was like awe thank you for doing that and she wanted him back and that she thought she was pregnant with Jordan’s 2ed kid because they had been hooking up lately

yet she can go and spread her legs for my guy? after I had been trying to help her and be there for her? and turn around and say “I don’t want the drama? ” should have kept your panties on and kept up with your son being sick instead of going out and ruining someone else’s family. – we no longer get to see Jordan because eric slept with her, there Is no longer trust because he slept with her. She not only ruined our relationship but the one with the father of her kid. and I hope everyone goes to her facebook and just tells her she is disgusting and should have been dealing with her son doing chemo instead of being a sneaky slut.

and don’t forget the fact she looks like smeagle from lord of the rings.