Tora Shay Audilet is a gold digging homewrecker. She goes for men in supervisor positions. When she couldn’t convince my husband to leave me she dropped him and moved on to the next married man. Don’t know if his wife knows or not but they have 3 kids with the youngest being around 1. She doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets what she wants. Her ex husband is twice her age. She’s only been divorced 6 months from him, but has had a known boyfriend for a year; not to mention the married men she runs around with. Ladies, be aware of this “woman.” She absolutely does not care. Would call and text and talk to my husband all hours of the night. As soon as I found about this girl they ended whatever they had going on and she moved on to the next “man.” As much as I would love to call up the new wife who’s marriage is being totally disrespected it’s not my place. I’m not saying it’s all her fault, because these men know exactly what they’re doing. Feeding her lines of bs that she wants to hear. Doing what she wants them to do. Risking their families for a piece of a$$. I know of two marriages now that she has tried to destroy. And who knows how many more she’ll try. I hope this new guy realizes soon what he’s risking, and fixes it for the sake of his children. This woman has no morals and is just looking for a man to support her and her three small kids. Her ex husband whom she recently divorced is twice her age, and that’s the type of married men she seeks out.