This is Tracey Anderson, Edmonton’s sloppiest, ugliest, most foul person. She is the property manager of Riverside Towers, Edmonton’s sloppiest, ugliest, most foul residence. She’s definitely a few sandwiches short of a picnic and not because she could eat 50 sandwiches. I don’t know if she suffered a brain injury, is just a total whack job or is always pissed and stoned but this whale is not right in the head! She literally attacked a girl and her daughter in the building for standing up for herself. I heard she was a crack head and lost her kid maybe that is why she doesn’t like others with kids? Shes a slobbering pig and smells like farts and weed. She has a scratchy, deep voice so maybe this is a he not a she. Not many females act and speak like she does. I don’t think many females pee themselves either. This thing is monster or a cow not a human. Only Riverside Towers is a good fit for her.