this delusional poor excuse of a human needs to be be put on blast always complains about missing her kids but in fact she used to abuse them and then finally left them for another guy who she went outta town to be with when that didn’t work she tried to go get her kid back her BD wasn’t having none of it she complained about wanting them back so she got taken to court which they adjourned 6 times so she can bring an affidavit she didn’t she lost contact after the first legal aid appointment and she still goes on acting like she misses her kids if you missed them so much why didn’t you go to court…then has the nerve to try say oh I miss my kids and seek pitty from ppl on fb and lie to them TELL THE TRUTH FOR ONCE YOU MISSED COURT 6 TIMES if you really missed them you would have fought for them in court which you didn’t and now the baby daddy has soul custody of both boys he actually went to court and fought for them she made is easy by not showing up SIX TIMES…SO STOP THE I MISS MY BOYS CHARADES we’ll all no you didn’t want them in the first place you can catch her and her man at the local meth houses in Saskatoon or Edmonton still talking about how she misses her kids just for pity from people